Key consultations include
i) The Parish Survey and its analysis (July-September 2015);
ii) an open question and answer evening with two planning experts (25th November, 2015);
iii) a community drop-in meeting (11th June 2016)
iv) advice on two occasions after visits from three landscape architects from
West Dorset District Council and the Dorset AONB;
v) Dorset county archaeologist following a visit
vi) frequent advice from WDDC officers
vii) Feedback from the community on the first draft of the Neighbourhood (February, 2017).
viii) Community drop-in event, 11th November 2017, on the pre-submission draft.

In addition consultants have helped ensure the plan expressed the intentions of the Forum clearly,
prepared a review on heritage implications of development and an ecological survey for where
development is favoured. Documents that currently form the evidence base are:
1) Draft Basic Conditions Statement;
2) Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report;
3) Survey of the community;
4) Summary analysis of the closed questions from the community survey;
5) Summary analysis of the open questions from the community survey;
6) Community Feedback Summary on the 1st Draft - 14.04.17;
7) Landscape advice summary;
8) An Ecological Survey;
9) Heritage Planning Assessment.
10) The further amendments made to the pre-submission draft plan by the Forum will be
provided after it considers all consultee feedback on 17th January 2018.
An overwhelming majority of attendees of the drop-in event supported the plan.

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