Askerswell Forum

Askerswell Forum was formed to develop a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) as we lack a Parish Council
that has a statutory right to develop such a plan. Membership is open to all residents and
those working in the Parish. The Forum has been approved by WDDC to develop the NP. The Forum
has a constitution and a Steering Group that progresses matters between its meetings

A Neighbourhood Plan sits alongside the approved WDDC local plan
( with which it must comply.
It is the first document considered in deciding whether or not to grant planning permission in
our Parish. It enables the community to define the extent, locality and type of new dwellings.
It establishes that the community cares about its future development. The Parish will receive
funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy for each new dwelling. The Parish-wide survey
in 2015 established community support for limited development although not all in the
community support the need for a NP.

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