The History of Askerswell Parish

Eggardon Hill

Pre-Roman: Askerswell Parish has a history of settlement spanning over 4,200 years with the earliest archaeological evidence being finds from Eggardon Hill, which date from Neolithic period and pre-date the hill fort. Among the record of 31 archaeological records for all eras on the national website
are several barrows of the Middle Bronze Age (before 1,200 BC). Three kilograms of pottery were recovered from one of them. There is pre-medieval archaeology scattered across the Parish but Eggardon Hill and its southern slopes feature most frequently. For instance, a hoard of seven bronze age axes were found S.W. of Eggardon Hill. They had never been used with unsharpened cutting edges and so appear to be a merchant's hoard. Six of these axes are in Dorset County Museum (DCM) and the seventh is in Bridport museum.

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