Parish Meeting update

Harry did a great job Chairing the Meeting recently – please find draft minutes attached. If anyone has any comments, spots any errors or does not feel the discussions are adequately captured, please let the Clerk know. It’s always a bit of a scramble taking the notes and whilst every effort is made to record everything accurately, not every word can (or should) be reported. Equally, if we have missed anything, please let us know and corrections will be swiftly made.

*Village Play*

Well, good news and bad… the good news being that it sold out in about ten days – Hurrah! The bad news, of course, that anyone wanting to see the (it’s official!!) SELL-OUT Show will have to come to the Dress Rehearsal – on Friday 17th at 8PM. We still haven’t decided whether there will be a small charge to see such a rare and magnificent spectacle, but there will almost certainly be a bar and opportunities to transfer appreciative cash to the Church, VH and secure the ongoing success of Village Endeavours. We can assure you that the cast and crew will be doing all they can to entertain and amuse – so it will still be a great “Askerswell” night out. Define that however you wish!!

*Film Club*

Please watch this space for a further announcement about the possibility of launching an Askerswell Film Club… we will probably send a questionnaire to you all in the coming days or weeks seeking more detailed guidance about how this could work… in the meantime, if you think “Hurrah – that’s a great idea!”, please hit Reply to this message – it will give us a quick steer on numbers…

That’s all for now, folks…

Happy Sunday – and let’s hope the rain stops before we have to start gathering our animals, two by two…

All best wishes from your AP Team

Peter, Dave and Harry.