Get Fit Friday – start Delayed!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! 2024 already…. crikey! SO much to look forward to – HURRAH!!!

However, due to the beastliness of the power company and all of our volts being disconnected on the 5th, our first Get Fit Friday session has had to be postponed by a week… so please re-mark your diary for the 12th of January, at 10.15 – for an hour of gently getting to grips with the aftermath of the Festive indulgence.

… though, of course, that does give us a bit of extra time to finish up the Christmas naughties that linger, before we commit to our full-on training programmes that will keep us at the peak of performance perfection!!

So… See you up the Spyway later… HURRAH!

All best wishes – and may 2024 bring you joy, peace and prosperity.

P / D & H