The Good Neighbour Scheme

The residents of Askerswell enjoy a close relationship and look after each other. A group of volunteers have created The Good Neighbour Scheme, where anyone can request help.

The Good Neighbour Scheme is a low key community-based initiative available to all in the village regardless of age. The specific services and support provided by Good Neighbour Schemes can vary, but include:

  1. Transportation: Volunteers may provide transportation for medical appointments, grocery shopping, or other essential errands.
  2. Companionship: Volunteers may offer companionship through regular visits or phone calls, especially for those who may be socially isolated.
  3. Practical Assistance: This can include help with tasks such as gardening, light household chores, babysitting or minor repairs.
  4. Information and Advice: Volunteers may provide information about local services, resources, or assistance in navigating bureaucratic processes.
  5. Emergency Support: The volunteers can offer assistance during emergencies or crises, ensuring that individuals have access to support when needed.

To learn more about the Askerswell Good Neighbour Scheme and its specific services, we recommend completing the below contact form. If you need some help, or want to volunteer, please get in touch.